Image of UNTER JUICE PLATINUM Leather Cleaner / Sauna Odorizer

UNTER JUICE PLATINUM Leather Cleaner / Sauna Odorizer


It’s been three years since we produced our first experimental odorizer. Many of you have been asking when we would do another run. Well, ask no more!

To follow up with another edition, the vibe managers at Unter Baths spent months scouring the internet for the strongest leather-cleaner formula, and their malodorous prayers have finally been answered. Enter UNTER JUICE: PLATINUM!

A burly brunet chemist named Paco living in Rennes, a small French town famous for its meatpacking, has agreed to license us his strongest juice yet. Thanks, Paco. (Call us!)

Happy leather cleaning!

All orders will be shipped giving-ready, wrapped in custom tissue with optional gift note; just leave us a note in the “Notes or Instructions” field found at the bottom of your Checkout Page.