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VOLVOX Log Off CBD Chocolate


Feeling fried from too much screen time? Tell us about it πŸ™„
Unter rave bunny and resident since day 1, DJ Volvox injects this run of gifting with the most unique offering yet: a delicious chocolate prescription packed with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD. This rich and decadent truffle features a melt-in-your-mouth ganache square with a 70% cocoa coating.

How much is 100mg? It's enough to melt away that exhausting call with your parents, that awkward sext you got, and that flame war you got wrapped up in. We suggest trying half of this treat at a time if you're not familiar with your CBD dosage. Log AWFF...

Ingredients: organic cacao bean, organic agave, organic coconut oil, organic cacao butter, full-spectrum hemp extract with cannabidiol, organic fractionated coconut oil, sea salt.

100% Organic, Gluten Free, Plant-based chocolate truffle handmade in Brooklyn by Fine & Raw Chocolate.
All orders will be shipped giving-ready, wrapped in custom tissue with optional gift note; just leave us a note in the β€œNotes or Instructions” field found at the bottom of your Checkout Page.