Q: I just ordered a heap of stuff; when is it coming?
A: All orders will begin being shipped out on roughly around December 7th, just in time for the holidays. Packages should arrive within a few business days of the shipment date.
If you would like to time your shipment more precisely (as a gift, etc.) let us know in the NOTE field in your Check-Out page when checking out.

Q: I want to send my purchases as a gift; what will that entail?
A: All packages will arrive gift-ready, wrapped in cheeky custom gift-wrapping tissue, and neatly packaged in a kraft mailer box. If you would like for us to include a gift note in the package, please indicate so in the NOTE field of your Check-Out page when checking out, and we will include your note in the shipment. If you plan to send gifts to multiple friends, please make a separate order for each address you intend to send to.

Q: Why can’t I order a t-shirt in size S or M?
A: Loose and drape-y is the style now, dear. You’re welcome to slice and dice your own custom fantasy!

Q: I want that white (or black, or green) lighter specifically! Can you pls make that happen?
A: We’re working with a limited deadstock lot of lighters, so we’ll be sending out assorted colors, meaning that you’ll get a random color. But if you don’t want to be surprised then leave us a note in the NOTE field on your Check-Out page and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Q: How strong are these poppers? And do you HAVE to send them in a plastic pouch?
A: UNTER JUICE liquid is very strong and likely not for someone who's just starting to clean leather. And yes, while our shipping is being handled without any unnecessary plastics, we are obliged to ship these in a reusable smell-proof bag for the highest level of protection.

Q: Those chocolates look delicious, can you tell me more about them?
A: Our raw chocolates are made using the finest quality ingredients by hand in Brooklyn by Fine & Raw Chocolate who have been in the business for 13 years. They are dedicated to crafting the finest treats that are 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, free of refined sugars, soy-free AND kosher! Our chocolates are loaded up with 100mg of full-spectrum CBD which means our CBD contains below 0.3% THC as required by law. Our cacao is sourced from the highest-quality and most ethical suppliers in Ghana and Ecuador who pay above fair-trade wages. We source our CBD distillate from Hemp Farms of New York located just a few hours upstate!
Allergy note: these chocolates are made in a facility that processes tree nuts!